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Case Study: Success of the Affordable Warmth Project



Sam, an EU migrant aged 50+, arrived in England 10 years ago with his wife and three children. He is very proficient in English and with excellent IT skills, Sam had been working throughout this time. Unfortunately his health deteriorated, leading him to cease working about 18 months ago. As the primary source of income shifted to disability benefits and Universal Credit, the family faced financial strain, resulting in mounting debts.


Challenges Faced:

Despite informing his energy supplier of his changed circumstances, Sam felt ignored as the bills continued to accumulate, leading to a significant fuel debt. Sam didn’t know where to turn and he began to feel overwhelmed and hopeless.


Intervention by CIAC’s Affordable Warmth Project:

Amidst Sam's struggle, CIAC's Affordable Warmth project emerged, offering essential support to individuals facing fuel poverty. As news of the project spread, Sam reached out for help, becoming one of the project's first clients.


Action Taken:

Ingrida, the Affordable Warmth Advisor at CIAC, swiftly intervened, contacting Sam's energy supplier to advocate on his behalf. She explained Sam's predicament, emphasising his vulnerability and the urgency of his situation. Through collaborative efforts, a resolution was reached wherein Sam's monthly bill was reduced by £57, and a feasible debt repayment plan was put in place.



Our intervention not only alleviated immediate financial pressure but also provided Sam with renewed hope and reassurance. By reducing the monthly bill and facilitating a manageable debt repayment plan, CIAC's Affordable Warmth Project, ensured he could afford essential utilities without compromising the wellbeing of his family.



Sam's case exemplifies the impactful work of CIAC's Affordable Warmth Project in supporting vulnerable individuals facing fuel poverty. Through advocacy, intervention, and compassionate support, this project makes a tangible difference in the lives of those in need, embodying CIAC's commitment to inclusivity and improving the wellbeing of migrant communities in the UK.


Note: Details of the case study have been anonymised and altered to protect the client's privacy.




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